Vital: How B2B e-commerce Enhanced Its Customer Experience

About the client Vital is an Argentine company with over 35 years of experience in the wholesale trade sector, offering


VTEX Quadrant 2023: Corebiz leads for fifth year in a row

Since its inclusion in the VTEX Quadrant, Corebiz, an agency specializing in technology, experience and marketing for e-commerce, has held

Corebiz é adquirida pela gigante WPP Group e dispara rumo a expansão global

Corebiz now joins WPP Group and accelerates global expansion project

In the last years, Corebiz has undergone a process of expansion and accelerated growth, having tripled its staff, made acquisitions

Squads dedicadas agilidade e especialização a favor do seu e-commerce

Dedicated squads: agility and expertise in favor of your e-commerce

Dedicated squads act as a true driver of projects to be implemented and evolved in e-commerce, and adhering to this

Discovery de Produtos entenda os impactos de não utilizar essa estratégia

Product Discovery: Understand the negative impacts of not using this strategy

You’ve certainly heard of Product Discovery and its importance in defining the steps to be taken when designing a new

Abandono de carrinho: como diminuir a taxa de desistências no seu e-commerce

Cart Abandonment: How to decrease dropout rate in e-commerce

Those who have some kind of online commerce know very well, or at least should know about one of the

Data-Driven no E-commerce como utilizar os dados para crescer mais rápido

Data-Driven in E-commerce: how to use data to grow faster

Data-driven management is a concept that has solidified in recent years. It proposes using the data collected by the company

Desenvolvimento em VTEX IO: 2 ferramentas que você precisa conhecer e que vão facilitar sua rotina

Development in VTEX IO: 2 tools developed by Corebiz to make your routine easier 

Corebiz’s technical team creates two new tools on the market and reduces by 70% the development time of applications that are key to the routine of professionals in the area. Both devices are low code and open to all partner agencies and VTEX customers. Check out all the details below!

How to build sales channel strategies for e-commerce?

If you are struggling to increase the profitability of your business and want to find a solution that will help