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What is behind a successful Black Friday campaign?

Original article published by Revista Varejo Brasil Black Friday is much more than just a date to lure customers with

Black Friday 2021: Tips for getting the best performance during the most important event of the year

We are in the final preparations for the biggest date in digital commerce. Black Friday has grown every year, and

Data-Driven no E-commerce como utilizar os dados para crescer mais rápido

Data-Driven in E-commerce: how to use data to grow faster

Data-driven management is a concept that has solidified in recent years. It proposes using the data collected by the company

As melhores táticas para implementar o CRO no seu e-commerce e garantir mais conversão em poucos cliques

CRO Strategies: 6 Steps to Converting in a few clicks!

Too many visitors and too few sales: what’s the problem with your e-commerce? What is missing to improve your conversion