Data-Driven in E-commerce: how to use data to grow faster

Data-driven management is a concept that has solidified in recent years. It proposes using the data collected by the company

Desenvolvimento em VTEX IO: 2 ferramentas que você precisa conhecer e que vão facilitar sua rotina

Development in VTEX IO: 2 tools developed by Corebiz to make your routine easier 

Corebiz’s technical team creates two new tools on the market and reduces by 70% the development time of applications that are key to the routine of professionals in the area. Both devices are low code and open to all partner agencies and VTEX customers. Check out all the details below!

How to build sales channel strategies for e-commerce?

If you are struggling to increase the profitability of your business and want to find a solution that will help

Mídia paga e mídia orgânica: como integrar no e-commerce

Paid media and organic media: how to integrate into e-commerce

Paid media strategy is one of the most common and simple practices to implement in the marketing area. On the

E-commerce personalization: 4 benefits for your business

With the increase in the number of transactions carried out in e-commerce, we need to improve the strategies adopted so

Tendências para o e-commerce em 2022

Trends for e-commerce in 2022

The internet is an incredibly dynamic universe, and virtual stores need to be in line with the updates present in

Porque ter o App do seu e-commerce pode ser a solução para o seu negócio neste momento

Why having your e-commerce app may be the solution for your business right now?

It is not news that people are increasingly connected and use their cell phones as the device of choice for

As melhores táticas para implementar o CRO no seu e-commerce e garantir mais conversão em poucos cliques

CRO Strategies: 6 Steps to Converting in a few clicks!

Too many visitors and too few sales: what’s the problem with your e-commerce? What is missing to improve your conversion

What is behind a successful Black Friday campaign?

Original article published by Revista Varejo Brasil Black Friday is much more than just a date to lure customers with

Discover how to scale your e-commerce services right now!

Holding one’s own in the e-commerce sector is quite a challenge; after all, it is a market sector with a