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VTEX Quadrant 2023: Corebiz leads for fifth year in a row

Since its inclusion in the VTEX Quadrant, Corebiz, an agency specializing in technology, experience and marketing for e-commerce, has held

Corebiz é adquirida pela gigante WPP Group e dispara rumo a expansão global

Corebiz now joins WPP Group and accelerates global expansion project

In the last years, Corebiz has undergone a process of expansion and accelerated growth, having tripled its staff, made acquisitions

Squads dedicadas agilidade e especialização a favor do seu e-commerce

Dedicated squads: agility and expertise in favor of your e-commerce

Dedicated squads act as a true driver of projects to be implemented and evolved in e-commerce, and adhering to this

Data-Driven no E-commerce como utilizar os dados para crescer mais rápido

Data-Driven in E-commerce: how to use data to grow faster

Data-driven management is a concept that has solidified in recent years. It proposes using the data collected by the company

Tendências para o e-commerce em 2022

Trends for e-commerce in 2022

The internet is an incredibly dynamic universe, and virtual stores need to be in line with the updates present in

Discover how to scale your e-commerce services right now!

Holding one’s own in the e-commerce sector is quite a challenge; after all, it is a market sector with a

What is behind a successful Black Friday campaign?

Original article published by Revista Varejo Brasil Black Friday is much more than just a date to lure customers with

Scale and speed: how to use agile development focused on e-commerce deployment

E-commerce has gained importance in Brazil and throughout the world. Because if before we already had greater confidence and therefore

Leverage business growth with Business Experience (BX)

Potencialize o crescimento do negócio com o Business Experience