VTEX Quadrant 2023: Corebiz leads for fifth year in a row


Since its inclusion in the VTEX Quadrant, Corebiz, an agency specializing in technology, experience and marketing for e-commerce, has held a prominent position as a VTEX MVP agency.

Learn why the company is at the top for the fifth year in a row and the criteria used to qualify agencies in the quadrant.

What is the VTEX Quadrant?

The VTEX Quadrant was inspired by the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ to recognize the top partners in the VTEX ecosystem, which includes more than 400 partners across multiple e-commerce solutions.

It is an annual award that recognizes the best partners in the VTEX ecosystem in their performance, which concretizes the successful outcomes of customer operations based on two main requirements: Engineering Abilities (x-axis) and Digital Commerce Vision (y-axis).

The quadrant was launched in 2018 with the aim of showing the market which are VTEX’s biggest partners and the level of performance of each of them. Thus, the partner applying for the quadrant has the opportunity to qualify and be perceived by the public as a valued partner of VTEX.

How agencies are evaluated in the VTEX quadrant

Technical Capabilities (X-Axis)

The X-axis: engineering abilities refers to the delivery and technical capabilities of the agencies rated in the quadrant.

For Corebiz, this axis is of utmost importance to the quality and innovation we provide to our clients. This is because our current position reflects how well we know the platform and how much our experts are ready to provide our clients with the best path in technical architecture and development.

Whether from a business or technical perspective, this position represents our ability to ensure not only the immediate solution, but as a benchmark for our customers’ growth.

Digital Commerce Vision (Y-axis)

For Corebiz, the Y-axis: Digital Commerce Vision does not exactly match its name. For us, it has much more to do with the business the agency generates for VTEX than with the strategic vision itself.

Corebiz is not, and has no intention of being, a reference on this axis that corresponds to our market positioning. We are a commerce agency and completely agnostic the necessary tool for the growth of our clients.

We believe that both the platform and any other e-commerce solution is related to the dynamics of the customer and his short and medium term goals. Therefore, we offer the best solution for the moment and the ambitions of our customers, always being consultative and in-depth.

In addition, KPIs such as implementation and sales VTEX certifications, VTEX IO projects, customer GMV and published success cases are also considered for the final classification in this axis.

Based on the range Corebiz occupies in this quadrant, you can see that we serve the largest VTEX customers today. And that suggests another level of difficulty, such as the time-to-market of a project with great complexity and robust architectures, which in this case is a bit beyond the standard of a normal e-commerce project that could be ready in 45 to 60 days.

Final thoughts on the quadrant

Corebiz has been with the Quadrant since its inception and has been in the MVP of VTEX for 5 years. Our highlight is the fact that we serve VTEX’s largest customers in GMV, in projects that have a higher level of difficulty.

The fact that we are slightly below the y-axis reflects exactly what we believe and how we position ourselves. We do not strive for volume, meaning more customers in number, but we deal with the largest in the segment and deliver the best quality of service, add value and grow with them.

About Corebiz

Corebiz is a reference in the implementation of digital business in Europe and Latin America. With offices in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Spain, we have carried out projects in more than 43 countries with the largest brands in the market, with implementation services and development of e-commerce, SEO, Media and CRO.

The company has more than 500 employees and is part of WPP, the largest communications and advertising group in the world, integrating the global network of VMLY&R COMMERCE.

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