Trends for e-commerce in 2022

Tendências para o e-commerce em 2022

The internet is an incredibly dynamic universe, and virtual stores need to be in line with the updates present in society to keep up with the evolution of technology and trends for the industry. With that in mind, we prepared some content debating a little more about the main trends for e-commerce in 2022.

The coming year is highly expected to be very busy, to open an incredible range of opportunities, especially in digital media, for those who know how to undertake with quality and are ready to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding consumer. Continue your reading and find out how to do this!


Yes, I agree too that it is still an outdated but unexplored topic, by channel conflict, bureaucratic limitations, etc. However, we cannot escape this reality. If we don’t evolve and make the customer feel unique, no matter where they are, it’s no use increasing media investment and thinking we’ll have surprising results.

You can’t talk about the top trends for e-commerce in 2022 without talking about omnichannel. The concept concerns the integration of different sales channels, and it has in fact been part of the digital universe for some time, making the shopping journey of the most diverse customers more personalized and effective. 

The basic idea is to make a company, brand, or product be present everywhere and in every platform the customers can access. With this, it is possible to make a transaction through the app, for example, and collect the product at the store, search the website and receive it at home, and so on, with all purchase options interconnected simultaneously. 

Besides that, the pandemic has accelerated this integration process, either through the incredible growth of the app in 2021, with channel integration, especially regarding franchises and the brand owner, breaking paradigms of conflict of interest within the whole chain.

Collaborative Trade

Collaborative trade is another strong trend for e-commerce in 2022. Through the concept, both a small seller and a large brand can market their products in the same place, such as a marketplace. Nowadays we see the major operators of the market going for this path. 

The union of marketplaces with the design of omnichannel is a value proposition, which allows a consumer to find all products of interest with a few clicks, on a single platform, with integrated offers, making their purchases most conveniently for themselves and with the possibility of making all their purchases at once! 

Live Commerce

Ecommerce has gained millions of new customers in recent years, and much of this has been due to the new interactions that people have had with the internet. Certainly, one of the reasons that contributed to this was the live shows broadcast on various platforms, with several of the most popular artists in the world.

During the presentations, internet users could buy tickets, products, or make donations, just by pointing their smartphones to a QR Code, which directs to a payment link. Therefore, one of the trends for e-commerce in 2022 is live commerce, even because 70% of Brazilian consumers say they want to buy more through the web.

Fast Supply

Immediacy has been one of the striking characteristics of modern society, and this can be observed by the habits that most people have adopted in recent times. Communication through instant messaging applications, massive consumption of short videos, and many minutes or hours of the day interacting on social networks are part of the routine of those who seek faster results.

With this, it is not surprising that one of the main trends for e-commerce in 2022 is the delivery speed, with an immense demand from consumers looking for virtual stores and applications with short delivery times, eventually making it on the same day. Of course, this imposes a logistics revolution with new partnerships and distribution centers. 

As you can see, there are many trends for e-commerce in 2022, and e-commerce companies need to be in tune with the new demands, expectations, and needs of the modern consumer!

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