Leverage business growth with Business Experience (BX)

Potencialize o crescimento do negócio com o Business Experience

Can you imagine fostering an even more immersive customer experience than in CX (customer experience)? Even if you already have satisfied buyers who are loyal to the brand, you can take it a step further through Business Experience. In other words, it’s about meeting consumer needs holistically, with massive help from technology.

Nowadays, people’s consumption habits are changing rapidly and require businesses to be more flexible. Therefore, the purpose of using business experience is to enable this monitoring, get ahead of competitors and foster a long-term relationship with the customer. Read on to learn more about this topic!

Marketing, branding, sales and products

Although CX (customer experience) focuses on the customer, it is undeniable that it also consists of efforts to attract, engage and retain the audience. The same is true for the brand, so campaigns and actions are carried out with the aim of engaging the consumer in a buying journey.

BX (Business Experience) seeks to enhance this vision by capturing what the consumer really wants. It can be said here that this goes beyond the idea of the buyer persona and enters the concept of the selfie. It means that the company has understood the real desires of its audience down to the smallest detail.

As for sales, BX, tries to go beyond the idea of CX and focus on what the company wants to sell. The goal is to direct efforts so that the consumer gets tangible results, based on human perception to gain the best insights.

Technology and data

CX aims to scale the business using technology and data. BX seeks to drive this scaling with a focus on the customer, identifying and exploring opportunities for improvement, fostering innovation and greater proximity.

Companies that use Business Experience

Companies that sell experiences instead of products can already be considered a cliché. We present some examples of the successful application of business experience, emphasizing that these companies have gone beyond the visions of customer experience. They are:

  • Netflix: they have moved beyond selling streaming services to offering low-cost entertainment for people at home;
  • Seamless: the meal delivery service began to focus on the customer through convenience and practicality of delivery service;
  • Zocdoc: the company brings doctors and patients together through a website focused on maximizing the user experience. Health, much more than a system.

Innovative experience

Unforgettable customer experiences are composed of three aspects: Features, Services and Business. The first aspect relates to the continuous improvement of the consumer’s use of products.

The second relates to creating new solutions based on existing services. Imagine an online store decides to develop an app that best serves consumers; this can be considered an application of service to promote innovation. Businesses are at a higher level than services because they are a disruption. In other words, it is about the emergence of new business models focused on maximizing the customer experience.

Business experience is an evolution of customer experience. In other words, it’s an approach that uses technology and human expertise to focus more on delivering a memorable customer experience. If you want to achieve better results in your e-commerce with Business Experience, you can rely on Corebiz. We guide customers throughout their journey and help them maximize their results through performance, technology, and experience.

Contact our team and discover how Corebiz can be your partner in implementing Business Experience!

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