Scale and speed: how to use agile development focused on e-commerce deployment

E-commerce has gained importance in Brazil and throughout the world. Because if before we already had greater confidence and therefore people felt more comfortable shopping online, now it has become part of the routine and a common consumption habit.

And to overcome the various challenges that e-commerce brings, the implementation of the platform itself for this purpose and any future changes that may be made, it is necessary to have greater agility in the processes to ensure greater efficiency and a reduction in errors. 

That is why we will show you how to scale processes quickly through agile e-commerce development. Let us do this together? Have fun reading.

What is agile development applied to e-commerce deployment 

Agile development is a term that is widely used in the IT field, but can be found in all areas of business today. It refers to methods designed to ensure more efficient, flexible, scalable and better designed development of solutions. However, the concept can also be implemented in other areas, such as the introduction of new solutions in e-commerce.

This means that the change project is based on these themes, always with the aim of achieving more interaction, collaboration and experimentation with all stakeholders. The methods used in this process include:

  • Kanban;
  • Scrum;
  • Lean, among others, depending on your business model.

The benefits for the business

As we will see below, the adoption of agile development can be of great benefit to e-commerce. With these benefits, it is possible to guarantee better results and grow your business by taking advantage of the current expansion of online shopping. See below.

  • If you need to introduce new changes, there is more flexibility to do so with agile methods; 
  • managers are also involved in the process, making implementation more personal and efficient, depending on the actual needs of the business;
  • it is possible to scale the processes to follow the growth of e-commerce.

How to start working with agility?

First, by listening to the people on your team, at all levels, and understanding their real day-to-day issues. What people agree or disagree on and where the greatest need is.

Then promote visibility and organization of what is being executed and what is planned, as well as the goal of each project or delivery. So that everyone involved has the same view of the business and deliveries.

However, an expert who has mastered the agile culture and methods to support and lead some initiatives and changes is essential to ensure that perceptions and implementations are as effective and as less chaotic as possible.

Earnings beyond the product or service

Agile is first and foremost about the people, from the users to the code implementers. They are the ones who tell you which way to go.

That’s why it’s important that everyone involved feels heard and validated that they are an important part of the project and that they own the business. By making it clear to everyone where you want to go and what the results will be, you empower the team and give them the confidence to take bigger steps or propose important changes for the development of e-commerce and the company. 

And this is only possible through a gain that agile has, considering the first point of the agile manifesto that supports all methods:

“Individuals and interactions more than processes and tools”.


Note: even though the item on the right, “processes and tools” has value, we value the item on the left, “individuals and interactions” more.

For this reason, the agile methodology has been mentioned and discussed as the future for organizations that want to develop, empower and encourage their employees so that they evolve every day and add value to the company as if it were actually theirs, seeing it as part of themselves and feeling that they are an important part of a great outcome.

Corebiz Differentials

If you want to implement an e-commerce platform with agile development, count on Corebiz. We have several differentiators that will help you achieve this. Learn about the most important ones below.

  • We take this vision around the world and are present in 29 countries with permanent clients or projects;
  • we have more than 100 active clients in these countries;
  • we collaborate with important players on the national and international scene (Motorola, Ambev, O Boticário, Lenovo, among others);

Our success stories show that we are the best choice for your e-commerce. For example, we can cite the case of Brastemp, one of the largest home appliance brands in Brazil.

Through an integration with the Itaú system, we were able to verify that the customer was available to receive a Brastemp card and thus have multiple benefits on the company’s own portal. We did this through an integration via Node within the Vtex IO security framework. 

And it is this type of feature that is important to facilitate the consultation without the need for the customer to visit the bank’s portal to perform the evaluation process. This facilitates the process of borrowing and buying on Brastemp’s own portal, which we implemented using agile methods.

Another interesting case was ChilliBeans’ e-commerce, where we managed to increase the company’s revenue fivefold by increasing space turnover and repurchase rates using CRM techniques for media buying.

So if you are looking to implement key improvements in an agile, scalable and efficient way, count on us. Contact us to learn how we can help you grow your digital commerce.

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