Why having your e-commerce app may be the solution for your business right now?

Porque ter o App do seu e-commerce pode ser a solução para o seu negócio neste momento

It is not news that people are increasingly connected and use their cell phones as the device of choice for most activities of their daily lives. With that in mind, we prepared this content explaining why having an app for your e-commerce may be the solution for your business right now!

By offering that alternative for the customer, you are creating a competitive advantage and improving the experience of users, who now have the possibility of acquiring your products or services in a more practical and faster way. Keep reading and learn more about it.

What is an e-commerce app?

An app for your e-commerce is nothing more than a piece of software that adds to your business, integrating your website, stock, and other departments in your company. This sales channel allows your business to connect with the public that uses smartphones and other mobile devices to make purchases in your segment.

In general, making an application available is one of the first steps to promote a more personalized and direct approach to your customers. Through this strategy, you will achieve direct communication with users, who will spontaneously become more loyal and interested, and value your brand.

Why is mobile a trend?

To understand why having an app for your e-commerce can be the solution for your business right now, it is necessary to understand that mobile has become part of consumers’ lives, much more than a trend. After all, smartphones are the most used means of online shopping in Brazil: in 2021, 59% of e-commerce sales happened through cellphones.

Therefore, companies of all branches, sectors, and sizes invest in mobile and digital solutions to facilitate the customer experience and make decisions in the palm of their hands. The pandemic has accelerated this process, and now a good part of the population is already familiarized with it and prefers making remote transactions as easy as possible. 

What are the reasons to have an app for your e-commerce?

If you’ve come this far, you probably have already realized that having your e-commerce app is a smart, essential strategy for anyone who wants to be a reference for their customers. However, in case you are still not convinced, we have some reasons that show you should not let go of this solution. Check it out! 

It offers a competitive advantage 

Without providing an app from your e-commerce, your business will be at a disadvantage. That is because consumers have increasingly preferred to make their purchases through apps, which makes it only a matter of time for them to stop consuming from companies that do not offer mobile as a differential. 

Remember that your consumer is constantly changing and increasingly demanding; unless you are ready to offer solutions that match their demands and needs, it will be increasingly difficult to keep them. On the other hand, if you do it before your competitors, you’ll have a competitive advantage, creating one more reason for people to buy your products or services. 

Improvement in customer experience  

One of the main reasons to have an app for your e-commerce is to provide greater improvement in customer experience. Even those already familiar with shopping on the internet may prefer the apps because websites can be frustrating for smartphone users, given that they are not always responsive.

When you have content already aimed at the mobile screen, everything changes, and actions are much simpler, with faster loading of functions and better general performance. There is also the possibility of geolocation connection, camera integration, and much more. 

It brings more credibility to e-commerce 

The search for credibility is one of the biggest needs of companies in all market segments, especially for those who work on the internet; for this very reason, they still have the distrust of more traditionalist customers and are less used to virtual negotiations. In this context, an app for your e-commerce may be very useful. 

Through the application, you will focus on consumers who prefer to buy through mobile devices, demonstrating that your company is very connected with trends and technology-assisted. For best results, you should rely on expert assistance that delivers good software for your business. 

Consumers prefer mobile apps

As we said, mobile is a worldwide trend. Therefore, having an app for your e-commerce keeps your company in tune with what is at the leading edge of the market, allowing for healthy growth and the gather of new customers – who could migrate to competitors if you did not offer that solution. 

Customers prefer mobile apps, and Brazilian Internet users are among those who most access the web via cell phones. Entrepreneurs who don’t take advantage of that fact undermine their chances of success. In addition, since everything on the internet is measurable, you can identify the source of your audience, the way they consume, and much more. 

Higher conversion and loyalty rates 

Increasing conversion rates and loyalty are fundamental achievements for any e-commerce that wants good results in the long term. So, knowing that an app can do this is enough to invest in the concept, isn’t it? Through the app, customers can buy more and interact better with your business.   

That is a solution to stimulate not only consumption, but the relationship with the brand, considering that users tend to spend more time connected after downloading the app. In addition, this can be an interesting way for you to offer incentive programs, scoring systems, exclusive discounts, and rewards. 

How to have a good app for your e-commerce?

As you can see, there are enough reasons for you to have an app for your e-commerce; however, to have the best results and ensure customer satisfaction, the software must have some features. Some of them are pleasant design and intuitive interface, which should reduce obstacles and offer speed for conversion.

You should know the preferences of your target audience and take them into account, to always be in tune with their demands, expectations, and needs. This way, you will hit qualified users, especially if you have professional development help, technical support, and good marketing strategies.

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