Dedicated squads: agility and expertise in favor of your e-commerce

Squads dedicadas agilidade e especialização a favor do seu e-commerce

Dedicated squads act as a true driver of projects to be implemented and evolved in e-commerce, and adhering to this model can be the best option to ensure more agile deliveries and the continuous, assertive evolution of products and services that generate significant returns for your e-commerce. 

But the squad may not be such an easy model to implement from scratch, so many companies choose to hire it as a service. But at what point do you choose this service model? 

In this article, we bring some of the agility concepts applied by Corebiz in the currently active projects and present the main benefits of hiring squads as a service. Continue reading and learn how this model can accelerate your e-commerce projects.

From Bodyshop to squad as a service

There are many levels of service when it comes to labor outsourcing, since the famous “Bodyshop,” when the company allocates a professional to the customer and does not get involved in their work. With the “squad as a service” model, there is a partnership with the co-responsibility for business results, and the team has all the profiles necessary for this.

The less mature the company is in a given topic, the more it needs to rely on a partner who has the specialized team, management tools, and working method proven in that need. The Bodyshop can work for companies that already have everything and only need employees with specific skills, and can be a bad choice for those who still need to better understand how to transform the team’s effort into business results.

Whether it is a simple Bodyshop or complete outsourcing of business results, it is important to have a partner who lives agility beyond methods and is an expert on the subject. Through squad as a service, your company will have a multidisciplinary team balanced from the profile’s point of view, adapted to a proven working model, with direct management of a partner that is chosen to keep the results in the right direction.

How do squads work?

Formed by professionals with diverse skills, squads function as a core of innovation within an organization, whether within the technology area or in another area of the company.

These teams, usually composed of: the product owner, product manager, tech leader, UX, and UI, DevOps, among other professionals, have some autonomy to make decisions in favor of a common goal for the company, be it the development of an application, the improvement of a product or service or even the resolution of specific problems. 

In line with the purpose and objective of the project, these multidisciplinary teams use optimized working methods, or agile methodology, as popularly known, ensuring more efficient, innovative, and agile deliveries indeed. 

The squad as a service

At this point, we assume you have already implemented some version of the squad within your team or company. Besides that, if your company is not in technology, some of the people likely come from one or more suppliers, especially if we talk about the technology team.

But what would be the criterion for selecting these suppliers? Specify the skills and then fight for the price? Do these suppliers deliver only as labor-intensive or provide experience, knowledge, and expertise?

At this point, it is important to choose correctly. Ensuring that the supplier is a true partner and offers the support of each discipline to each existing profile within the squad (PO, UX, dev, QA, etc.) is critical.

In addition, the know-how in the technology in question and the knowledge of the market in which your company is inserted are differentials that make this partner strategic to look closely at your real needs and assertively support with solutions to the current business challenges through people, processes, methods, and tools.

Knowing the Corebiz Squad Model 

At Corebiz we work to deliver the best value in the market, as we keep support structures for squads with experts from the digital commerce market in each of the disciplines involved.

In addition, we value the professional growth of our employees, renewing our base annually from our Go Beyonder program, and encouraging the announcement of vacancies in the Internal Opportunities Program.

We provide a method and tool that is constantly evolving, always with flexibility and respecting the maturity of our customers. We act with fluidity and without unnecessary bureaucracy, with agility in the team building agreed with our customers.

We have Tech Leaders for all disciplines and business cells. Our horizontal structure ensures greater proximity to our customers and agility in decision-making at the executive level. And with a business vision far beyond man-hour, we always look at the success of our customers and not just the availability of allocated employees. 

Advantages of Corebiz’s squad-as-a-service

Once you understand how squads work, it’s clear the benefits that the team organization model can be extremely rich for business. But not all companies have the proper structure to implement it 

That’s when squad as a service comes in. The contracted expert partner comes to add all the advantages of the model, but with the advantage of already detaining suitable professionals for the project, or to be the main responsible for seeking this professional in the market and allocating them for this demand.  

Outsourcing part or all of your operation is possible and can bring numerous benefits to your business. Check out some of them:

Professionals trained to work with the latest technologies

At Corebiz we have many qualification programs aimed at continuously training new professionals. We use a methodology that allows our teams of professionals to apply all theoretical learning at work, so that they obtain the necessary experience to participate in more complex projects, always with the close monitoring of our senior professionals. 

Structure of Specialist Chapters in each subject

Methods, processes, and best practices are under the control of specialist professionals, the Chapters, who cross teams providing guidance and support for the best result in each situation.

Accelerators library

The advantage of the squad team is that at some point, one of the teams has already been through certain situations and developed the solution or part of it to fulfill its delivery. That’s why reusing ready-made pieces of software is an excellent way to accelerate similar deliveries between teams.

Replication of good practices among teams with similar challenges

Similar to the previous topic, but now from the point of view of technical and strategic knowledge, the exchange between teams dealing with very different or similar projects tends to be very rich. At Corebiz, we promote periodic meetings between teams to share experiences and best practices to help evolve the maturity of the service for all our customers.

Expert guidance from sale to expansion

At Corebiz we genuinely seek to find the best solution for our customers’ challenges or opportunities to be explored. Our customer success team closely monitors each step during the service, to ensure the best delivery and accelerate the customer’s results.

Providing end-to-end service with agility – people, methods, and tools

This model allows greater flexibility and partnership in favor of the result of your business, instead of bureaucracy and unnecessary locks. Here at Corebiz, we combine large size with agility and we have the best response to new services on the market.

High ability to adapt to market changes

We are at the forefront of the digital commerce market, always one step ahead, analyzing and guiding our clients, considering the main trends, risks, opportunities, and imminent changes.

Distinguished channel with manufacturers

We are the largest VTEX partner in the world and we have a strong connection to the platform, from the operational to the executive level, to support our customers with any manufacturer challenge.
If your challenge is to implement, maintain and develop digital products, get in touch with us and discover how we can revolutionize your business!